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Jaggery (Gurr) 10kg

Jaggery (Gurr) 10kg

Brand: Dawaai
-Product: Jaggery
-Quantity: 10 kgs.
-Healthy unrefined sugar product
-Can be consumed or used to make herbal medicines
-Contains more than 70% sucrose


Stay healthy by eating jaggery! Jaggery is a natural product that comes from sugar cane. This item which is most commonly known as 'gur' is meant to be consumed and can even be used to make herbal medicines. Jaggery contains more than 70% sucrose and is a healthy alternative to sugar. Both nutritious and delicious, jaggery is definitely loved by all!

Direction For Use

-You can mix it in your tea/coffee to sweeten it up
-You can add it to your desserts
-You can even make a face mask using jaggery