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Lansinoh Natural Wave Teat Feeding Bottle 160 ml x 2 Pcs. Pack

Lansinoh Natural Wave Teat Feeding Bottle 160 ml x 2 Pcs. Pack Pcs

Brand: Lansinoh

  1. Air ventilation system and slow flow.
  2. Feeding bottle, 160ml/6oz, 2 bottles.
  3. Suitable for Breasted babies.
  4. Bottle with teat for breastfed babies; reduces nipple confusion, encourages natural tongue movement, allows an air-free and slow-paced feed, and ensures easy cleaning and assembling.

Lansinoh NaturalWave teat feeding bottle is a uniquely designed bottle for breastfed babies to imitate nature’s feed and reduce nipple confusion; it allows the babies to switch back and forth between breasts and bottle easily. NaturalWave teat is made of extra-soft silicone that adapts to the baby’s palate and encourages natural tongue movement, it facilitates feeding at a slow pace. The Air ventilation system of the teat allows an air-free feed for the babies to prevent colic. The bottle is made with BPA and BPS-free, PP-Polypropylene; providing good impact strength and durability.


  • Air-ventilation system
  • Slow flow nipple
  • Extra soft nipple
  • BPA and BPS-Free
  • Easy-Cleaning
  • Easy-Assembly.

Form: Bottle.

Size: 160ml/6oz.

Key Benefits:

  • Lansinoh NaturalWave teat feeding bottle imitates mother’s feed, the extra-soft teat allows the baby to use the same feeding action learned at the breast.
  • Air ventilation system consists of an anti-colic vent to prevent air-feeding, a potential cause of colic or spit-up.
  • Slow-paced nipples enable the baby to control milk flow and maintain an established feeding pattern.
  • Inner vertical edges makes the nipple stronger and collapse-resistant.
  • This feeding bottle has fewer parts; making it easy to assemble.
  • Wide-neck bottle allows easy cleaning and filling.
  • BPA and BPS-material make it safe and suitable for the baby.
  • Protective cap prevents the spilling of milk when travelling.

  1. Are there different flow nipples available?

Yes, Lansinoh provides three different flow nipples i.e. slow, medium, and fast according to the age and requirement of the baby.

  1. Is it important to sterilize the bottle?

Yes, babies have a weak immune system; sterilizing helps to remove the bacteria and other harmful germs from the surface of the feeding bottle to prevent infections and other diseases.


  1. Will boiling damage the feeding bottle?

No, this feeding bottle is heat resistant. It can be boiled safely for proper cleaning.

  1. Can I put it in the dishwasher?

Yes, this bottle is dishwasher safe. You can put the feeding bottle in the top rack of the dishwasher.


  1. Does this bottle have measuring lines?

Yes, this bottle has measuring lines from 0-6oz and 0-160ml.

  • Always supervise babies to keep them safe.
  • Sterilize all bottle components.
  • Or boil for at least three minutes.
  • Do not heat milk in the microwave.

When not to use: Do not give your baby the wrong flow nipple, it might alter the established feeding pattern. One flow type doesn’t work for all.

  • Clean the bottle properly before use.
  • Pour the milk or liquid into the feeder.
  • Allow the baby to feed on the feeding bottle.
  • Clean the bottle properly after use.


  1. Dosage: Use it according to your baby’s feeding schedule.
  2. Storage: Store at room temperature, away from direct light and heat. Keep out of reach of pets.


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