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d'Naturals Organic Coconut Oil 60ml Bottle

d'Naturals Organic Coconut Oil 60ml Bottle oil

Brand: d'Naturals

100% Pure Coconut oil.


Cold pressed, Organic virgin oil.

Suitable for damaged hair & dry skin.

d’Naturals Coconut oil is a perfect addition to your self-care routine. It is a rich and super nourishing organic virgin Coconut oil (VCO), which makes the perfect, natural hair oil or skin moisturizer.


Can be used for:

  • Hair growth & strengthening
  • Skin moisturizing
  • Lip gloss / balm making
  • Eye lash growth
  • Removing eye makeup


  • Virgin oil
  • 100% pure & natural
  • Promotes hair growth
  • Extra nourishment for the skin
  • Results in soft and silky hair
  • Better antioxidant capacity than refined oil
  • Acid-free
  • Anti-fungal properties


Do your products contain preservatives?

None of our products contains preservatives. You may also check the ingredients provided on each product page.

How are your products made?

Cold-pressing is a great method used for extracting oil while safeguarding its inherent nutrients. Compared to heated methods, numerous studies show that cold-pressed raw, virgin oils preserve the natural scent, taste, bio-activity, antioxidants and vitamin E content.

The process is done by removing the flesh from mature coconuts — which have a higher oil content — which is then ground up into coconut flakes. At a low temperature, the coconut oil is then extracted from the flesh using a press.

Is this product for women and men both?

Yes, our products are unisex and equally effective for women and men both.

Can this oil be used as a massage oil?

Yes, this oil can be used as a massage oil too.

People who are allergic to coconut oil or any of its components should consult the doctor before using it. If any sort of swelling or irritation is experienced, consult your doctor immediately. Please do not use on cut, scraped, or irritated skin. For external use only.

This oil can be stored in any dark, dry place in your home. These spots can include a kitchen pantry, kitchen cupboard, or the area of your bedroom where you keep your beauty supplies.

Do not keep your bottle of oil in the bathroom. Moisture from the air and constantly changing temperatures can have a negative effect on the oil’s texture and its ability to stay fresh.

Be sure to keep it away from direct sunlight, which can have similar adverse effects.


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