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Nestle Nido Bunyad 260g

Nestle Nido Bunyad 260g milk powder

Brand: Nestle
-Milk solids, Fiber, Protein & Vitamin A,D,C.
-260g, Powder.
-3-8 years.
-Contains Iron and helps eradicate iron deficiencies, fortified with Iron and Vitamin C.


Nestle Nido Bunyad has been specially formulated for your child’s success. Generally, 1 out of 2 children is found to be iron deficient hence this cereal has been formulated with Iron to make your child healthier and eradicate iron deficiency. 


-Milk solids
-Vegetable fat
-Corn syrup
-Vitamin A,D,C





Key Benefits

-Fortified in iron and vitamin C.
-Specially formulated for child’s success and happiness.
-Helps to eradicate iron deficiencies in children.
-Contains fiber which makes digestion easy.
-Contains essential Vitamins and Minerals according to the need of children.

Direction For Use

-Wash your hands and utensils properly before using
-Use clean water at moderately warm temperature.
-Use the powder and water in the exact ratio as prescribed by your doctor or as mentioned on the feeding chart.
-Mix well to dissolve all the powder.
-Discard the unused feed.


Use Nestle Nido Bunyad in the exact quantity as prescribed by your doctor or as mentioned on the feeding chart.


Store Nestle Nido Bunyad at room temperature. Keep it away from the reach of children and pets. Do not keep it under direct sunlight or heat.

Safety Information/Precautions

-Only prepare one feed at a time, discard the unused preparation.
-Consult your doctor before giving Nestle Nido Bunyad to your child, especially if your child has any kind of allergy to Nestle Nido Bunyad or its constituents.
-Do not dissolve Nestle Nido Bunyad in any other liquid other than clean water.
-Use the prescribed amount of Nestle Nido Bunyad only. Do not overdose or lessen the quantity without consulting your doctor.


1. How to know If my child is allergic to Nestle Nido Bunyad?

Read the ingredients carefully on the label to avoid the known allergens. If allergic, your child may show the following symptoms:
-Excessive crying
-Loose watery stools

2. Can I reuse the mixed preparation?

Only prepare one feed at a time as the mixed preparation will spoil if left unused for one hour. Please prepare one feed at a time only.

3. Can I store this product in the fridge?

No, please don’t store this product in the fridge. Store Nestle Nido Bunyad at room temperature away from direct sunlight or any source of heat. Keep it out of the reach of children and pets.

4. What are the possible side effects of this formula?

No such side effects have been reported yet with the recommended dose of this formula.

5. What will happen if I use less quantity of powder than prescribed?

Please take the proper ratio of water and powder as mentioned on the chart or as described by the doctor. If you use less quantity, then your child may not get the nutrients required in proper proportion.