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Nutrifactor ginkgo focus

Nutrifactor ginkgo focus tablet

Brand: Nutrifactor
-Helps to improve blood circulation for better functioning of brain, heart, and eyes.
-Reduces symptoms of psychiatric disorders and dementia.
-Help reduce anxiety and depression.
-Supports eye health and gives better vision.
-Improves thinking, memory, and focus.


Nutrifactor ginkgo focus contains a combination of natural ingredients that boost mental alertness, memory, and cognition. It enhances the concentrating ability and improves blood circulation resulting in better functioning of the heart, brain, and eyes. It is effective for memory loss associated with age and cognitive impairment. It also supports a healthy and natural response to daily stress.


-Ginkgo Biloba.
-Panax ginseng.



-Nutrifactor ginkgo focus supports healthy brain functions like concentrating and thinking.
-It aids circulation to the brain and other parts of the body, resulting in enhanced brain, heart, and eye function.
-Reduces symptoms of memory loss associated with age and cognitive impairment.
-Ginseng improves general well-being, maintains optimal stamina, and supports a healthy immune system.
-Helps to reduce anxiety, depression, and symptoms of psychiatric disorders.