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Nutrilov Granola  - Peanut Butter & Raisin

Nutrilov Granola - Peanut Butter & Raisin 45gm granola bar

Brand: Nutrilov
-Oats, peanut butter, honey, coconut oil.
-Peanut butter and raisin flavored, Nutrilov Granola Bar.
-45 gram, for hygienic people with sweet tooth.
-Packed with proteins, ideal for people with sweet tooth, contains perfect blend of cholesterol-free peanut butter and raisin.


Nutrilov Granola Bar is high in protein and perfect for those with a sweet tooth. It makes you enjoy a delicious combination. This meal is excellent for breakfast, lunch, or supper, and it's laced with a delicate taste of cinnamon and sweetened totally with 100 percent natural honey. This specific bar is a terrific one-stop protein source. The cholesterol-free peanut butter in our Peanut Butter & Raisin Granola Bar makes it even more delicious to consume.


-Chocolate Chips
-Brown Sugar
-Coconut Oil
-Desiccated Coconut
-Cholesterol 0mg
-Sodium 67mg
-Potassium 56mg
-Total carbohydrate 20g
-Protein 2.6g
-Sugars 10g
-Calories 137
-Total fat 6.1g


Granola Bar


Nutrilov Peanut Butter and Raisin Granola Bar, 45 grams

Key Benefits

-Delicious combination of cinnamon, natural honey, cholesterol-free peanut butter, and raisin -Enriched with proteins, brown sugar. -Nutritious energy bar to boost energy -It is an ideal blend of taste and nutrition -A perfect meal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. -An energy booster eaten before hitting the gym or in between meals to stay active. -Contains wholesome ingredients without compromising on health


Are Nutrilov granola bars healthy?

Oats, almonds, honey, coconut oil, and other flavor-specific components are used to make Nutrilov granola bars. They are perfect for weight loss since they are calorie controlled and created with all natural ingredients. If used in moderation and combined with a good diet and exercise routine, they can help you lose weight.

Is a chocolate covered granola bar healthy?

Yes, they are healthy as they are enriched with wholesome ingredients keeping health in mind.

A chewy granola bar contains how many calories?

It contains about 100 calories with no artificial flavors.

What happens if you consume an excessive amount of granola bars?

Granola, which can be heavy in calories from added fats and sweets, can cause weight gain if consumed in excess.

Is it difficult to digest granola bars?

A granola bar made largely of refined grains and sweetened with additional sugars will digest quickly, leaving you hungry. That's why you should search for a bar that's high in fiber, protein, and healthy fats to keep you satisfied for longer.