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Peptamen 430gm

Peptamen 430gm milk powder

Brand: Nestle Health Science
-Whey protein Hydrolysate, Soya oil, Folic Acid, Sucrose
-10 years above
-Lactose and Gluten free, specially designed for people with delayed gastric emptying, chronic diarrhea, short bowel syndrome, and pancreatic insufficiency


Peptamen is a nutritionally complete, peptide-based formula specifically designed for people who cannot digest or absorb nutrients from conventional foods. It is suitable for the patients with delayed gastric emptying, chronic diarrhea, short-bowel syndrome, and pancreatic insufficiency.It maybe used for total nutrition support via feeding tube or oral administration.Peptamen is Gluten free.


-Whey protein hydrolysate (milk)
-Medium chain triglycerides
-Potato starch
-Soya oil
-Soya lecithin
-Calcium carbonate
-Sodium phosphate
-Magnesium chloride
-Choline bitartrate
-Vanilla flavour
-Potassium phosphate
-Sodium ascorbate
-Magnesium citrate
-Calcium phosphate
-DL-alpha-tocopheryl acetate
-Zinc sulphate
-Ferrous sulphate
-Manganese sulphate
-Pyridoxine hydrochloride
-Copper sulphate
-Retinyl acetate
-Folic acid
-Sodium molybdate
-Potassium iodide
-Chromium chloride
-Sodium selenate





Key Benefits

-Nutritionally complete and has peptide-based formula
. -Specifically formulated for the people who are unable to absorb nutrients from conventional food
-Lactose free
-Gluten free
-Protein source 100% whey protein
-For patients with delayed gastric emptying, chronic diarrhea, short-bowel syndrome, and pancreatic insufficiency
-Beneficial for total nutritional support via feeding tube or oral administration
-Suitable as sole source of nutrition
-Contains 70% of fat as MCT

Direction For Use

-Wash your hands and utensils properly before using this cereal
-Use clean water at moderately warm temperature
-Use the powder and water in the exact ratio as prescribed by your doctor or as mentioned on the feeding chart.
-Mix well to dissolve all the powder
-Discard the unused feed


-Use as directed by Health Care Professional for oral supplement or enteral tube feed
-250 ml Peptamen = 6 scoops (55g) + 210ml water 1000 ml Peptamen = 25 scoops (220g) + 840 ml water


-Open cans should be stored in a cool dry place and used within one month
-Storage of powdered formula at refrigeration temperatures is not recommended, as it may increase the moisture content and may result in clumping and spoilage


1. Can I store this product in the fridge?

No, please don’t store this product in the fridge. Store Peptamen at room temperature away from direct sunlight or any source of heat. Keep it out of the reach of children and pets.

2. What are the possible side effects of this formula?

No such side effects have been reported yet with the recommended dose of this formula.

3. What will happen if I use less quantity of powder than prescribed?

Please take the proper ratio of water and powder as mentioned on the chart or as described by the doctor. If you use less quantity, then your child may not get the nutrients required in proper proportion.

4. Can I reuse he mixed preparation?

It is advised to prepare one feed at a time. Do not use the mixed preparation after 24 hours.

5. Is this cereal safe for people having chronic diarrhea?