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Premium Protective Disposable Face Masks (Imported)

Premium Protective Disposable Face Masks (Imported) face mask

Brand: New Sense

Tips for wearing face masks:

  • Surgical masks should be worn with the blue side facing outwards
  • Crossing the face mask straps and then wearing them on your ears may help it fit better
  • Put the face mask’s metal edge on the bridge of the nose for a better fit
  • Before getting rid of the mask, you can cut the straps off so it cannot be reused
  1. What are the different types of face masks?

There are several types of face masks including surgical masks, N 95 masks, KN 95 masks, cloth masks, etc.


  1. My mask keeps moving towards my eyes, how do I fix this?

Pull the bottom of your mask downwards for a better fit. Do not touch the upper part of the mask as your hand may come into contact with your eyes, increasing the probability of infection.


  1. How many times can I use a reusable mask?

Mostly, reusable masks can be worn 2-3 times before requiring washing. However, different masks may have different usage/washing requirements.

  • Clean or sanitize your hands before wearing a face mask
  • Bring the mask close to your face and pull the straps attached to the mask behind your ears
  • Fix the mask in such a way that it covers your mouth, nose, and chin
  • Make sure it is loose enough to allow easy breathing while still covering your mouth and nose completely
  • Ensure that you can talk easily and the mask does not irritate you
  • Do not remove the mask till you leave public places/settings

How to take off a face mask:

  • Do not touch the front of the mask
  • Hold the straps of the mask that are behind your ears
  • Carefully remove them off your ears and pull the mask away from your face
  • Lastly, wash/sanitize your hands


How to dispose of a used face mask:

  • If the mask is not reusable, without touching its front, take it off and throw the mask in the trash
  • If it is reusable, wash the mask and wear it again whenever you go in a public setting


  • Children under two years of age should not wear a face mask
  • Elderly should wear face masks cautiously
  • Individuals with breathing difficulties should not wear masks or wear them with great caution

Face masks are necessary for minimizing the probability of catching and/or spreading COVID-19. Generally, wearing a face mask reduces the possibility of inhaling harmful germs or bacteria present in the environment.  


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