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Prep Up Wheat Milk

Prep Up Wheat Milk milk powder

Brand: Searle
-DHA, iron, calcium, and vitamin D3. 
-Wheat milk, 175gm.
 6+ months onwards.
Strengthens bones and immune system, promotes optimal brain development, and easy to digest.


Prep Up Wheat Milk Cereal is the perfect choice for introducing solid food to your baby. Prep Up Wheat Milk Cereal is easy to digest, enhances gut health, aids in better brain development, and strengthens immunity. Prep Up Wheat Milk Cereal contains DHA which plays a vital role in healthier brain and cognitive development. This cereal has a generous amount of calcium and vitamin D which help in developing stronger bones and teeth.


-Wheat flour
-Skimmed milk powder
-Vegetable oil
-DHA powder
-Ferrous fumarate
-Zinc sulphate
-Calcium carbonate
-Vitamin A, C, D, E, B1, B2, B6, and B12
-Pantothenic acid
-Folic acid.




wheat milk, 175gm.

Key Benefits

-This cereal is packed with nutrients that are necessary for your baby’s optimal growth and development.
-Prep Up Wheat Milk Cereal is rich in proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, and essential minerals.
-This cereal promotes healthy blood production.
-Prebiotics in this cereal enhance your baby’s gut health.
-Prep Up Wheat Milk Cereal ensures proper physical growth of a baby.
-DHA improves a baby’s intellectual abilities and vision.

Direction For Use

-Wash your hands and all utensils carefully before preparing baby’s food.
-Measure and separate 70ml of clean water.
-Add 2 leveled tablespoons of Prep Up Wheat Milk Cereal in 70ml of clean water.
-Stir until the cereal has a smooth consistency.
-Discard any uneaten portion.


Use Prep Up Wheat Milk Cereal as advised by your baby’s doctor.


-Store Prep Up Wheat Milk Cereal at room temperature (18-25 degree Celsius) and away from moisture and direct sunlight.
-Keep this cereal away from the sight and reach of children and pets.

Safety Information/Precautions

-Do not give Prep Up Wheat Milk Cereal to babies younger than 6 months.
-Do not add more than the recommended dosage of cereal.
-Do not heat the prepared cereal in a microwave.
-Do not use repeatedly boiled water.
-Do not use refrigerated cereal.
-In case your baby starts experiencing any undesirable effects, consult a doctor immediately.


1.When can you give a baby cereal?

By ages 4 months to 6 months, most babies are ready to begin eating solid foods as a complement to breast-feeding or formula-feeding.

2. Can I give my baby cereal in a bottle?

It is advised not to give your baby cereal in a bottle as it may become a cause of choking, obesity, and overeating.

3.What happens if you give a baby cereal too early?

Feeding solids too early can lead to problems with food allergies, breathing difficulties (from inhaling tiny bits of cereal into their lungs), constipation and other tummy troubles.

4.How to keep an opened pack of cereal fresh?

To prevent the cereal from getting stale, it is important to keep the pack of cereal tightly closed.

5. Can I use milk instead of water to prepare wheat milk cereal?

There is no harm in using breast or formula milk for preparing wheat milk cereal.