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R-43   Asthma

R-43 Asthma drop

Brand: Dr. Reckeweg
-Arsenicum album, Belladonna, Bryonia, Hypophysis, Kalium phosphoricum, Natrium chloratum, Natrium sulfuricum, Veratrum album, and Yerba santa.
-For people with bronchial asthma.
-It is beneficial against the symptoms of asthma and aids in relieving dry cough and irritation of mucous membranes.


Dr. Reckeweg R-43 drops are indicated for people with bronchial asthma. Each of its key ingredients plays an essential role in the treatment of asthma, like arsenicum album treats restlessness and anxiety in asthma patients, belladonna is effective against loud coughing, bryonia relieves irritation in dry cough and eases expectoration, kalium phosphoricum for strength, natrium chloratum relieves convulsive dry cough, veratrum album treats cold sweats and asthamtic fits, and yerba santa also also relieves cough and helps in expectoration.

-Arsenicum album
-Kalium phosphoricum
-Natrium chloratum
-Natrium sulfuricum
-Veratrum album
-Yerba santa





-R-43 drops aid in relieving symptoms associated with asthma.
-It relieves dry cough and irritation.
-It relieves restlessness and anxiety.
-Makes expectoration easier.
-Also relieves cold sweats.

Safety Information/Precautions

-Before using R-43 drops make sure the quality seal is intact
-Do not take more than the prescribed dose.
-Avoid alcohol and tea.
-If no improvement is seen then dose should be increased upon doctor's consultation.
-In case of worsening of symptoms or any allergic reaction discontinue its use.

Do not use R-43 drops if you are allergic to any of its ingredients

Pregnant females should consult their doctor before the use of R-43 drops.

Lactating females should consult their doctor before the use of R-43 drops.


1. Is R-43 safe to use?

Yes, R-43 is safe to use.

2. What is the use of R-43 drops?

R-43 drops are used to treat symptoms of asthma.

3. Can R-43 drops be used for longer periods?

Consult your doctor for dose and duration of R-43 drops

4. What are the side effects of homeopathy?

As homeopathic remedies are considered to be well tolerated no side effects have been reported with its use.

5. Can it be used with other medicines?

Yes, you can use it with other medicines upon consulting your doctor.