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Aroma Rosemary Essential Oil 10ml

Aroma Rosemary Essential Oil 10ml liquid

Brand: Aroma
-Brand: Aroma FarmacyPharmaceris M tocoreduct forte is especially designed for taking care of a pregnant female’s skin during pregnancy and post-partum. It effectively reduces stretch marks on abdomen, buttocks, thigh, and hips. It also improves the color of stretch marks, so they match the surrounding skin and become less visible. This product helps in restoring skin elasticity and firmness. M tocoreduct keeps skin well hydrated and nourished. -Quantity: 10ml
-Variant: Rosemary Oil
-Aroma: Herby and Woody
-Helps the skin glow
-Makes your mood better and calms you down


The Rosemary Essential oil is famous because it energizes and freshens up the person using it. It also makes your mood better and gives you a sense of clarity. The herbaceous aroma fills the entire room. Moreover, it has therapeutic benefits and is also used to brighten your skin and lifts your mood. Get your hands on this oil and make your day and mood better!

Direction For Use

Dab it on your skin or infuse it with water to apply. You can even add it to boiling water and inhale the steam.

Safety Information/Precautions

-Oils can be allergic, so discontinue use if you face any signs of allergies
-Test it before using
-Keep these oils out of the reach of children
-Do not use if you are pregnant

When not to use

Discontinue usage of the product if irritation or redness occurs.