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Shield Delux Plus Frost Baby Feeder 125 ml Bottle

Shield Delux Plus Frost Baby Feeder 125 ml Bottle Pcs

Brand: Shield
-Evenflo nipple and strainer. -Deluxe plus feeder, 125ml/4.5oz. -Suitable for babies older than 3 months. -Feeder with a deluxe design, ensures smooth flow with evenflo nipple, strainer keeps the solid food out, and stopper prevents leakage of the liquid.


Shield deluxe plus feeder is specially designed for babies to feed independently. It is made up of BPA-free, PP-Polypropylene and silicone material; providing good impact strength and durability. Evenflo nipple is manufactured with german technology to ensure an even and smooth flow of milk. Ergonomically designed handles of the feeder allow the baby to hold it easily, a special stopper prevents the leakage of liquid, and the strainer keeps solid items out of the bottle. The opaque bottle of the feeder comes with colorful designs.



Key Benefits

-Shield deluxe plus feeder has a deluxe design and features that meet the baby’s feeding requirements. -Evenflo nipple ensures smooth and even flow of milk, and a hiccup-free feed. -A special stopper is placed below the nipple to prevent the leakage of liquid. -Strainer prevents the solid items to enter the bottle and mix with the liquid. -Unique designed handles to facilitate the baby to hold the feeder. -Cap ensures the safety and hygiene of the nipple. -BPA-material makes it safe and suitable for the baby. -Opaque bottle with different colors attract the babies.

Direction For Use

-Clean the feeder properly before use. -Pour the milk or liquid into the feeder. -Allow the baby to feed on the feeder. Clean the feeder properly after use.


Use it according to your baby's feeding schedule.


Store at room temperature, away from direct light and heat. Keep out of reach of pets.

Safety Information/Precautions

-Only use shield nipples with shield feeders. -Always supervise babies to keep them safe. -Sterilize all bottle components. -Or boil for at least three minutes. -Do not heat milk in the microwave. -When not to use: Do not use this feeder if your baby is younger than 3 months of age.


Which colors are available in Shield deluxe plus feeder?

Currently, 4 colors are available i.e. purple, yellow, blue, and green. 

Will boiling damage the feeder?

No, this feeder is heat resistant. It can be boiled safely for proper cleaning. 

Can feeder causes tooth decay?

Yes, nursing caries can develop in temporary teeth if babies are continuously consuming milk through the feeder. It will lead to tooth decay. 

Is it important to sterilize the feeder?

Yes, babies have a weak immune system; sterilizing helps to remove the bacteria and other harmful germs from the surface of the feeder to prevent infections and other diseases. 

How long can I use one feeder?

You can use this feeder for as long as 3-4 months or earlier if you notice any damage.