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Shield Non Spill Training Cup 1 Pcs. Pack

Shield Non Spill Training Cup 1 Pcs. Pack Pcs

Brand: Shield
-Non-spill and BPA free. -Training cup, 180ml/6oz.Suitable for Babies older than 12 months. -Training cup for babies to help the transition from bottle to glass easier, develops a good grasp, and the ability to move things from hand to mouth.


Shield non-spill training cup helps the transition from sucking i.e. bottle or breast to drinking from the glass. This unique cup features a non-spill and a BPA-free spout that is gentle on the gums and teeth, it includes an anticolic air vent that helps reduce air swallowing. Easy grip and anti-slip handles facilitate the baby to hold and move the cup towards the mouth easily. Shield non-spill training cup has a weighted lower part to maintain balance.


-Non-spill -BPA free -Easy grip -Anticolic





Key Benefits

-Shield non-spill training cup promotes the transition from bottle to glass easier. -Spill-proof; reduces the messes during the learning period. -Easy-grip for the babies which enables the babies to use and practice transports. -Anticolic vents to ensure that the baby swallows the liquid instead of air. -Easy to clean; you can use a standard bottle brush. -BPA-free makes it safe and suitable for the baby.

Direction For Use

-Clean the training cup properly. -Fill the cup with milk or water. -Wash the cup after use.


Use it as instructed by your health care provider.


Store at room temperature, away from direct light and heat. Keep out of reach of pets.

Safety Information/Precautions

-Read the instructions carefully. -Do not leave the baby unattended when starting to use. -Do not share with other babies. -Wash the cup properly before use.

When not to use

Do not give this cup to your baby under 12 months of age.


What liquid should I put in the learner cup?

Introduce a similar liquid such as breast milk or formula to the learner cup at the start or introduce water or cow's milk. Consult a professional for more details. 

What are the downsides of this trainer cup?

Increased risk of tooth decay from continuous sipping.Lack of hunger for the scheduled meal.Late development from infantile to mature swallow. 

How to wash this trainer cup?

It is very easy to wash; simply you can use a standard bottle cleaning brush to properly clean the cup. You can also use other methods of cleaning. 

Can I wash it in a dishwasher?

Yes, this trainer cup can be washed in a dishwasher. 

When to stop using this trainer cup?

You can give up this trainer cup as soon as your baby starts drinking from an open cup.