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Oxytocin inj 5IU injection

Manufacturer : Dosaco

Rs.2.43 Injection

Pack Size : 100 Amp


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Prescription Required

Oxytocin inj 5IU injection is composed of

Oxytocin (5IU)

Primarily used for

Inducing labor

Belongs to the category

Labour Inducer/Inhibitor


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Oxytocin inj 5IU injection



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Medicine Overview of Oxytocin inj 5IU injection

Uses of Oxytocin inj

This medication is used to induce labour.

Side effects of Oxytocin inj

Patients using this medication may at times experience anti-diuretic effects (water intoxication, headaches, and nausea) due to prolonged or rapid infusion of this medication.

When not to use Oxytocin inj

This medication should not be used in cases of cephalopelvic disproportion (when the baby's head or body is too large can't pass through the mother's pelvis), and abnormal presentation.


  • Driving

    Please avoid driving when taking this medicine as it may affect your ability to drive.

  • Alcohol

    Please avoid consuming alcohol when taking this medicine.

  • Pregnancy

    This medication should not be used in pregnancy.

  • Breast Feeding

    Consult your doctor before using this medication when lactating.

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