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These Five Migraine Hacks Might Make Your Life Easier

migrane hacks

Medically reviewed by Dr. Riaz Ali Shah.

Having a headache is such a pain-both literally and metaphorically.  At times it can be so severe that you may want to drill holes in your brain. If it’s mostly just one side of your brain that you want to drill holes in, it might indicate the presence of the ever-so-underrated health condition called migraine.

Migrain-ing is much more than just having a Bad Headache!

Those who suffer from it would relate to the uniqueness of its attack. You would want to curl up in bed, with the room as dark as it can get in the middle of the day and hush every little buzzing sound because it rings like a bell in your ears. You may feel horribly dizzy at times and unable to concentrate even on the things you love to do.

But don’t worry you migraineurs, we have got you covered. Aside from the medication prescribed to you by your doctor, follow some of these simple hacks to shut this head-monster out of your life.

for migraine

Mask your eyes

For most people, the basic trigger for migraine is light sensitivity. Shutting out light can bring instant relief. So just when your head starts throbbing, cover your eyes with a cool eye compress. The eye mask will also eliminate the tormenting light that is causing the trigger.

eye mask

Roll on essential oils

While certain scents can elicit a migraine attack, a sniff of some essential oils like peppermint, eucalyptus and lavender extract can set off the trigger. An even better option would be to gently massage these on your temples, jaws, and back of the neck, to gain prompt relief from the nagging pain. A vial of these all-natural essential oils may also keep your nausea and vomiting at bay.

Massage therapy is all you need

Getting massages may sound luxurious but it’s the therapeutic benefits that are incredible! Many times, stress and tension in your neck muscles can stimulate a migraine. Addressing specific pressure points and pain relieving stretches can be a huge stress buster. Try giving your taut neck muscles a nice stretch, and get rid of those nasty head bolts in no time.

massage therapy

Sleep it away

When a certain thing doesn’t work the way it should, we all rely on switching it off and then turning it back on. Sleep is the equivalent to a restart button but sadly, one of the most underrated ways to cure migraines.

There is a difference in getting more sleep and actually getting quality sleep. It’s important to focus on the latter.

Work on your sleep to optimize the quality by following a strict sleep schedule, avoiding any stimulants such as coffee or tea before bedtime and give your head wind down before it actually hits the pillow.

A well-rested brain is a no trigger for migraine.

Say hello to herbal teas

Our mothers and grandmothers are always rooting for natural herbs and they are just about right! Herbal teas are becoming the reviving sensation of this era and have excellent pain-relieving effects. So when weighed down by brain cramps, sip on a steaming cup of chamomile or ginger tea and relax your entangled nerves.

herbal tea

The key to migraine cure is to curb its triggers. For every migraineur, its precipitants may be different. Incorporate these simple hacks in your migraine care and fight back these skull busters, the next time they knock your door.

Guest Post Credit: Dr. Tooba Irfan



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