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1 suspension(s)/Pack

Pack Size : 60ml suspension

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ACYLEX (Acyclovir) 200mg/5ml 60 ML SUSPENSION 200mg/5ml suspension

ACYLEX (Acyclovir) 200mg/5ml 60 ML SUSPENSION 200mg/5ml suspension is composed of

Acyclovir inf/oral (200mg)

Belongs to the category

Antiviral , Systemic


It is to be used with special caution in renal impairment, maintain hydration, & elderly patients.

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usesUses of ACYLEX (Acyclovir) 200mg/5ml 60 ML SUSPENSION

An antiviral medication indicated in herpes simplex (a virus causing various abnormalities such as genital sores and inflammation), and varicella-zoster (chickenpox and shingles).

side-effectsSide effects of ACYLEX (Acyclovir) 200mg/5ml 60 ML SUSPENSION

Side effects associated with this includes rash, hallucinations, somnolence (strong desire to sleep), photosensitivity (sun-sensitivity), convulsions. Some rare side effects may appear like transient increase in liver enzymes, blood urea & creatinine; acute renal (kidney) failure, hepatitis (liver infection) & jaundice.

pillsWhen not to use ACYLEX (Acyclovir) 200mg/5ml 60 ML SUSPENSION

It is contraindicated in case of dehydration & decreased kidney function. Also allergies may occur when used with penciclovir analogues & acyclovir analogues.

pills Expert Advice for ACYLEX (Acyclovir) 200mg/5ml 60 ML SUSPENSION

  • To be taken with or without meal. If taken with meal prevents the chances of GI disturbances.
  • It is advised to contact the prescriber in case of muscle pain, fever, acute headache, difficulty urinating, concentrated urine, constant lethargy or in severe nausea & vomiting.
  • The therapy courses to be fulfilled even if one starts feeling better.
  • Advised to not perform sexual intercourse if visible lesions are present
  • Maintain hydration (2-3 liters/day), unless restricted from the prescriber.

Q: What does this medicine treat?
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Q: What is the right method to use it?
Q: Is there any specific instruction associated with its use?
Q: Does it completely cure the infection?
Q: Does it prevent transmission of infection to others?
Q: Do elderly patients need to be more careful while using this medicine?


  • pregnant


    There is no evidene of risk in humans. However, pregnant females should take their doctor's consent before using this medicine. 

  • mother

    Breast Feeding

    Caution is advised or effect is undetermined with this medicine. Lactating mothers are advised to take their doctr's advice before beginning this drug.

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