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Bondronat 6mg injection

Bondronat 6mg injection is composed of

Ibandronic Acid (6mg)

Primarily used for


Belongs to the category

Drug Affecting Bone Metabolism


In people using this medicine, it is advised to monitor renal (kidney) function, blood calcium level, and
electrolyte levels very keenly. Regular intake of calcium and vitamin D should be observed. Also, risk of
osteonecrosis (bone inflammation), vulnerability to fractures, and bone mineral density disturbances
have been reported, therefore, be cautious and report to your doctor right away if such conditions

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usesUses of Bondronat

It is used to reduce the bone damage done during breast cancer, control the increased calcium level as a
result of tumors, and to reduce fractures in postmenopausal osteoporosis (bone fragility).

side-effectsSide effects of Bondronat

In patients treated for hypercalcemia; rise in body temperature, flu-like symptoms, and hypocalcemia
(decreased blood calcium level) results.

In patients treated for bone disease; headache, diarrhea, myalgia (muscle pain), asthenia (physical
weakness), flu-like illness, abdominal pain, vomiting, and dyspepsia (indigestion) results.

pillsWhen not to use Bondronat

The use of this medicine is prohibited in people with hypersensitivity and hypocalcemia (decreased
blood calcium level).

food-pillsHow to take Bondronat

This medicine should not be taken with food

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Q: Effects on pregnancy and lactation:
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  • pregnant


    This medication should not be used in pregnancy.

  • mother

    Breast Feeding

    This medication should not be used by lactating mothers.

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