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Pack Size : 5ml eye drop

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Deximox 0.1%/0.5% eye drop

Deximox 0.1%/0.5% eye drop is composed of

Dexamethasone (0.1%)
Moxifloxacin, Eye (0.5%)

Belongs to the category

Corticosteroid Combinations, Eye


Avoid extreme cautions in chicken pox, measles, renal (impairment), hepatic (liver)failure, myasthenia gravis (neuromuscular disease),epilepsy (seizures), congestive heart failure. Withdraw gradually. 

Prolonged use of the medicine may result in overgrowth of non-susceptible organisms. Do not use this medicine while wearing contact lenses. 

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usesUses of Dexamethasone

This medicine is indicated in infected inflammatory conditions, rheumatology (disorders of muscles and joints), pumonary disease  (lung disease). 

side-effectsSide effects of Dexamethasone

Patients using this medication may at times experience corneal thinning, cataract, fungal infection and rise in intraocular (eye) pressure. If you experience any of these symptoms for a long period of time, consult your doctor immediately.

pillsWhen not to use Dexamethasone


This medication is contraindicated in patients with systemic fungal infections, head injury or stroke. 

food-pillsHow to take Dexamethasone

This medicine should be taken with food.

usesUses of Moxifloxacin, Eye

This medication is used for the treatment of bacterial conjunctivitis (inflammation of the conjunctiva in the eye) caused by organisms.

side-effectsSide effects of Moxifloxacin, Eye

Patients using Moxiopt may experience conjunctivitis (inflammation or infection of eye), reduced visual acuity (worsening of eyesight), dry eyes, keratitis (inflammation of the eye), eye discomfort, subconjunctival haemorrhage (bursting of small blood vessels in the eye), tearing, pain, redness and itching, dysgeusia (distortion of sense of taste)

pillsWhen not to use Moxifloxacin, Eye

This medicine is contraindicated in the case of hypersensitivity to the active substance or any of its excipients, or to other quinolones. 

pills Expert Advice for Dexamethasone

Take with meals.

Do not stop this medication suddenly.

Avoid alcohol.

Have regular eye examinations.

Check glucose levels reguarly, if you have diabetes. 

pills Expert Advice for Moxifloxacin, Eye

Remove your contact lenses and wash your hands properly before use.

Sit or lie down to instill, open eye, look at ceiling and put the solution into your eye.

Avoid touching tip of applicator with eye.

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Q: Is dexamethasone harmful to humans?


  • pregnant



    Risk can not be ruled out, so please consult your doctor before using this medication.

    Moxifloxacin, Eye

    No definitive data regarding this medication is available. Therefore, consult your doctor for further advice.

  • mother

    Breast Feeding


    Effect is undetermined in lactating females. Consult your doctor for further advice. 

    Moxifloxacin, Eye

    The effect of this medication in lactating females is unknown, therefore consult your doctor before using this medication.

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