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This medication is used for short-term treatment of anxiety (distress or uneasiness of mind) and anxiety accompanying depression (a medical condition that causes feelings of sadness or hopelessness that do not go away).

Patients using this medication may experience insomnia (trouble falling or staying asleep), restlessness, headache, dizziness (lightheadedness), somnolence (abnormally sleepy), tremor (unintentional and uncontrollable rhythmic movement of one part or one limb of the body), blurred vision, GI upset, weakness, stroke, and Transient ischemic attack (mini-stroke) in elderly demented patients.

The patients with any severe disease/disorders or allergy to any of the medicine’s constituents should avoid use of this medicine.

  1. How long should I take this medicine for?

This medicine is a strong drug; therefore, should be taken for up to 6 weeks only. However, you may be required to take it for longer, depending on your condition.


  1. How does this medicine make you feel?

This medicine mostly produces a calming effect. However, various people may feel differently after taking this medicine.


  1. Does this medicine have serious side effects?

This medicine when taken in appropriate amounts does not have serious side effects. However, if you experience any, please immediately consult your doctor.

  • This medicine can be taken with or without meals.
  • Take this medicine immediately after meals to reduce sleepiness or drowsiness.
  • Swallow the whole tablet, do not crush or chew.
  • Avoid taking any new medicine especially pain medicines, sedatives or hypnotics without consulting your doctor.
  • Do not stop taking the medicine abruptly, lower the dose gradually and then stop.
  • Avoid alcohol whilst taking this medication
  • To maintain hydration take sufficient amount of fluids that is 2-3 liters per day unless restricted by the prescriber
  • Avoid direct sunlight. Always use sunscreen, wear proper clothing and eyewear to prevent photosensitivity
This medication is most likely to lessen depression. In some cases in which the patient has severe depression it is best to seek professional help. Misuse or medicine abuse is highly discouraged.
Please store this medicine at room temperature (18-25 Celsius). Keep medicine away from excessive light, moisture, and children. Please do not flush medicines down the toilet. Please read the leaflet provided with the medicine for further storage guidance.
Stay fit. Exercise regularly. Give a natural boost of energy by going for a walk. Sleep well. Make sure to have enough sleep. Eat food rich in nutrients.
This medicine is mildly sedative. It works by slowing down the brain and central nervous system. It helps by relaxing the body and reduces anxiety.
Xanax is also known by it’s generic name, Alprazolam. It is used to treat anxiety and panic
Patients taking this medicine are at an increased risk of memory loss. The patients should take continuous 7 to 8 hours of sleep to reduce the risk of memory loss.
The safety and effectiveness of this medicine in children of age below 18 years have not been established. Do not take any medication without consulting your doctor.
This medication is not to be taken or prescribed to expecting mothers as it may have fatal consequences for the unborn child.
This medication is contraindicated in lactating females.
Please avoid driving when taking this medicine as it may affect your ability to drive.
Please avoid consuming alcohol when taking this medicine.
The patients with severe hepatic (liver) impairment, tardive dyskinesia (a neurological disorder characterized by involuntary movements of the face and jaw), signs of neuroleptic syndrome (serious allergic reaction occurring due to medicines), history of seizures, diabetes, and elderly with dementia (persistent disorder of the mental processes) should use this medicine cautiously.


Dawaai's intention is to make sure that it's consumers get information that is accurate, reviewed by an expert and error-free. However, the information mentioned here should not be used as a replacement for the advice of a qualified physician. The information given here is for informational purposes only, which may not cover all possible precautions, side effects, contraindications or drug interactions. Consult your doctor and discuss your queries related to any medicine or disease.


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