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What does normal saline contain?

Normal Saline contains 0.9% sodium chloride solution. It is an isotonic solution containing Na + Cl , and water.

Can I use Normal saline without prescription?

Normal Saline is a prescription medicine used for fluid and electrolyte replenishment through intravenous administration. It maybe used alone or with other medications.

Can I use normal saline for my contact lenses?

You can use normal saline for storing your contact lenses; however, normal saline specifically for this purpose is separate and available commercially.

How will normal saline help me?

Normal saline will help reestablish the normal electrolyte and water balance in your body.

Why do we flush/wash with normal saline?

Normal saline is used for flushing to prevent intravenous catheters from becoming blocked and remove any medication that may be left at the infusion/catheter site. Normal saline is a sterile mix of salt and water that is similar to your body's fluids and tissues.