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Recormon 2000IU injection

Recormon 2000IU injection is composed of

Epoetin Beta (2000IU)

Primarily used for


Belongs to the category

Erythropoietin Products

Precaution: Kindly consult your doctor for any precautions if you have hypertension (high blood pressure), Ischaemic vascular disease(disease of blood vessels), or thrombocytosis (blood disease).

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Recormon 2000IU injection



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usesUses of Recormon

This drug can be used for anaemia associated with chronic (long term) renal failure in haemodialysis (a process to clean the blood due to kidney failure).

side-effectsSide effects of Recormon

This drug may also cause raised BP (high blood pressure), Headache , Thrombosis (blood problems) , Skin reactions , Palpebral edema (eye swelling)

pillsWhen not to use Recormon

This drug should not be used in patients who have uncontrolled hypertension (high blood pressure), Severe coronary disease (heart disease) , Peripheral arterial disease (disease of blood vessels).


  • drive


    Please avoid driving when taking this medicine as it may affect your ability to drive.

  • wine-bottle


    Please avoid consuming alcohol when taking this medicine.

  • pregnant


    Please consult your doctor before taking this medicine.

  • mother

    Breast Feeding

    Please consult your doctor before taking this medicine.

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