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Skilax 7.5mg/ml drops

Skilax 7.5mg/ml drops is composed of

Sodium Picosulphate (7.5mg)

Primarily used for


Belongs to the category

Stomach Care


The patients with inflammatory bowel disease, hypotension (low blood pressure), renal (kidney) impairment, electrolyte disturbances, history of recent gastrointestinal surgery, and heart disease should use this medicine cautiously.


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usesUses of Skilax

This medicine is used to treat constipation.

side-effectsSide effects of Skilax

The patients administered with this medicine may experience gastrointestinal disturbances, headache, dry mouth, thirst, fatigue, and sleeping disorders.


pillsWhen not to use Skilax

This drug is not to be given in patients suffering from gastric retention, GI ulceration, obstruction or perforation, toxic colitis, toxic megacolon, ileus, nausea and vomiting, congestive heart failure, rhabdomyolysis (destruction of striated muscle cells), severe kidney impairment, ascites (abdominal swelling), acute surgical abdominal conditions, severe dehydration, increased magnesium ions in blood, and active inflammatory bowel disease.

pills Expert Advice for Skilax

  • Please use this medicine according to the doctor’s prescribed dose. Do not overdose.
  • Please immediately contact your doctor in case of any serious adverse effects.
  • Please do not use other medicines without consulting your doctor first.



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Q: How to take Sodium Picosulfate?
Q: How to store Sodium Picosulfate?
Q: Will I see instant results?
Q: Does Sodium Picosulfate have any effect on pregnancy and lactation?


  • pregnant


    The effects of this medicine are undetermined in pregnant females. Therefore, please consult your doctor before use.


  • mother

    Breast Feeding

    The effects of this medicine are undetermined in lactating females. Therefore, please consult your doctor before use.

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