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Trusopt 0.02 eye drop

Trusopt 0.02 eye drop is composed of

Dorzolamide (0.02)

Primarily used for


Belongs to the category

Miotic, Antiglaucoma Preps


This medication should be used with care in patients with hepatic (liver) impairment, history of renal (kidney) calculi, chronic corneal (eye) defects, history of intraocular surgery, closed angle glaucoma (increased pressure in the eye) or sulphonamide hypersensitivity.

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usesUses of Trusopt

This medication is used for the treatment of ocular (eye) hypertension and open angle glaucoma (increased pressure in the eye) either as an adjunct to beta blockers or used alone in patients unresponsive to beta-blockers, or if beta blockers are contraindicated.

side-effectsSide effects of Trusopt

Patients using this medication may experience ocular (eye) burning, stinging, itching, blurred vision, conjunctivitis (inflammation of the conjunctiva), bitter taste, nausea, fatigue and tearing are some of the side effects. 

pillsWhen not to use Trusopt

This medication should not be used in patients with severe renal (kidney) impairment or hyperchloremic (increased chloride levels in blood) acidosis (pH level of body drops below 7.35).

pills Expert Advice for Trusopt

Wash your hands properly before use

Remove contact lenses before use. Wait for 15 mins before reinserting.

Avoid touching tip of applicator with eye.

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Q: How do I use this medication?
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  • pregnant


    This medicine is contraindicated in pregnancy.

  • mother

    Breast Feeding

    This medicine is contraindicated in nursing mothers.

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