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Tegral, containing carbamazepine, is an antiepileptic medicine used alone or in combination with other medicines to treat various types of seizures or psychotic disorders. It is used in the treatment of the following conditions:

  • Focal or partial onset seizures
  • Generalized onset seizures
  • Neuropathic pain (trigeminal or glossopharyngeal nerve involvement)
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Hypomania
  • Mania – mild to moderate
  • Bipolar major depression

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Directions For Use

How to use

In most cases, 1 – 2 tablets are taken every day with a glass of water at the same time every day. However, the dosage is mostly dependent on the patient’s condition, age, and response to treatment. Please consult your doctor for further information.


Please store Tegral at room temperature, away from excess heat and moisture.

Safety Information/Precautions


Following are the precautions for using Tegral:

  • May affect the metabolism of other medicines like Acetaminophen and nefazodone. Therefore, please inform your doctor if you are taking any medicines or supplements before using it.
  • May cause hypersensitivity reactions; therefore, please use cautiously.
  • May cause bone marrow suppression.
  • Must not be used by pregnant females in the first trimester.
  • Please use every day just as prescribed. Do not stop usage suddenly without discussing with your doctor.
  • May cause jaundice or hepatitis. Therefore, patients using it must have periodical liver function tests done.
  • In case of any significant behavioral changes, discuss with your doctor regarding usage of an alternate medicine.
  • Please withdraw this medicine gradually.
  • Associated with low blood pressure, slow heartbeat, anemia, suicidal thoughts, confusion, and psychosis. Therefore, please monitor patients using Tegral.
  • With reduce the effects of oral contraceptives; therefore, discuss with your doctor alternate methods of contraception.
  • In case of any deranged blood tests, discuss with your doctor regarding use of Tegral to rule out any serious disease.


Following are the contraindications for using:

  • Must not be used by pregnant females, especially in first trimester.
  • Patients with liver or kidney disease may have to use alternates.
  • In case of severe depression or psychosis, discuss alternate medicines with your doctor.
  • Do not withdraw the medicine abruptly.

Side effects

Following are the side effects of Tegral:

  • Dizziness
  • Drowsiness
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Ataxia
  • Hypersensitivity reactions
  • Heart problems
  • Liver function impairment
  • Deranged blood tests


This medicine is not recommended for pregnant females, especially in first trimester, as it may cause birth defects or termination of pregnancy. Please consult your doctor before use.


Tegral passes into breastmilk. However, the exact effects in nursing females are unknown. Please consult your doctor before use.


1. How long does Tegral take to work?

It takes Tegral 1 – 2 weeks to show full effects. Please continue taking it every day at the same time as prescribed by your doctor.

2. Are there any long-term side effects of Tegral?

Many epilepsy patients take Tegral for months to years. Although mostly safe, taking Tegral for a long time may lead to osteopenia (increased risk of bone fractures) and osteoporosis (weak, brittle bones).  Regular exercise, supplements, and a balanced diet can delay or prevent these side effects. Your doctor may also recommend periodical blood tests to check bone health.

3. How does Tegral compare with other drugs for epilepsy?

Several medicines, including Tegral, work well for epilepsy treatment. While one medicine cannot be termed better than another, both can be compared considering the patient’s type of seizures, age, comorbidities, relevant medical history, and response to treatment. Discuss with your doctor about the best medicine for your condition. They may prescribe medicines containing gabapentin, lamotrigine, phenytoin, etc.

4. Can I switch to a different medicine?

Switching to a different medicine without discussing with your doctor is not recommended. Each medicine has its own benefits and risks, and must be used accordingly. If you want to switch Tegral for another medicine, consult your doctor. They may switch the medicine, starting it at a low dose and building it up, or add it to your ongoing medication. It can take several weeks to months switching from one medicine to another.

5. Can I take Tegral before surgery?

Taking Tegral before and after surgery is safe. However, please inform your doctor prior to the surgical procedure as Tegral may alter the efficacy of certain medicines.

6. Does Tegral affect contraception?

Tegral may hinder the effects of the following contraceptives:

  • Combined oral contraceptives
  • Progesterone-only pills
  • Vaginal ring
  • Contraceptive patches
  • Emergency contraceptives

Please discuss with your doctor if you are taking any contraceptive before starting Tegral. They may recommend switching to other contraceptives like injections and coil.

7. Are there any foods or drinks I need to avoid when taking Tegral?

Please avoid the consumption of grapefruit juice if you are taking Tegral as it may increase the medicine’s concentration in your body.


Dawaai's intention is to make sure that it's consumers get information that is accurate, reviewed by an expert and error-free. However, the information mentioned here should not be used as a replacement for the advice of a qualified physician. The information given here is for informational purposes only, which may not cover all possible precautions, side effects, contraindications or drug interactions. Consult your doctor and discuss your queries related to any medicine or disease.


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